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Ein Autor, den ich noch überhaupt nicht kenne. Ich hab zwar die ersten drei der Castle-Bücher auf Englisch, aber eben aus diesem Grund hab ich sie bis jetzt noch nicht gelesen. Er wurde von diversen Funny Fantasy-Autoren hochgelobt und beim Verkauf (bei Ebay, wo sonst) mit Pratchett und Adams verglichen.

Die Skyway Trilogy ist mir dementsprechend völlig fremd, ich weiß auch nicht, ob die humoristisch ist oder nicht. Sie stand mit auf den Buch-Inlets.

Den Titelbildern nach zu urteilen, spielt die Handlung aber klassischerweise in einer mittelalterlichen Burg mit 144.000 Türen, hinter denen jeweils neue Dimensionen und Welten warten, mit von der Partie sind Dinosaurier, Monster, Golfspieler, Dämonen, einäugige Froschwesen und vieles mehr.


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Die Castle-Reihe



Castle Perilous (1988):
Aus dem Klappentext:
Yesterday he was an unemployed philosophy major. Today he lives in a castle... ...that's worlds away from home. His best buddy looks like seven feet of walking shag carpet, and the girl in his life's from California. In Castle Perilous, everyone has some magical talent, and behind each of the 144.000 doors there's a new world to explode. There's only one hitch. There's a reason it's called CASTLE PERILOUS.

Paperback UK

Castle For Rent (1989):
Aus dem Klappentext:
The King of Castle Perilous is time-trapped in that weird realm world known as New York City. The other castle dwellers are los and scattered throughout thousands of equally bizarre, equally barbaic, universes. And what's worse, their vacancy is being filled by nasty blue demons. Will anyone make it back in time to thwart the invasion? Or will Castle Perilous become a... CASTLE FOR RENT

Castle Kidnapped (1989):
Aus dem Klappentext:
The magic of Castle Perilous has gone awry, dumpingits guests into wildly unlikely worlds. Computer whiz Jeremy, who never comes closer to exercise that absolutely necessary, is trapped on the planet of golf- crazed dinosaurs. Our hapless hero Gene finds himself on the planet of Amazon women, claimed as the love slave of their buxom queen. Unless Lord Incarnadine can pull the plug on his malfunctioning Castle, he's going to be facing the empty wall of... CASTLE KIDNAPPED

Castle War! (1990):
Aus dem Klappentext:
Castle Perilous is still tottering from last year's battle with the Hosts of Hell, and regaining stability proves a hard balancing act. Before Jeremy can design a program to calm the tremors of the universe, an alternative wicked reality appears which threatens to topple everything! Castle P. must face its evil twin, replete with its own dastardly doppleganger army--war with the shadow self ensues as Good vs. Evil battle it out in the 144,000th dimension!

Castle Murders (1991):
Aus dem Klappentext:
Partying to death? A parlour party at the Castle Perilous comes to a dead halt when the body of viscount Oren is discovered and foul play is suspected. But who is the killer? And where is the murder weapon? The rambunctious revelers at Castle P. join in on a treacherous treasure hunt for party favors of a decidedly deadly nature ... the murder weapon must be hidden behind one of the 144,000 doors, or will it be buried in the back of the next victim?


Castle Dreams (1992):
Aus dem Klappentext:
Who will claim the throne now that Lord Incarnadine, King of the Realms Perilous, is dead? Under a mysterious spell of a mischief-maker, all of Castle Perilous' 144,000 creatures of curiosity clamor for the crown. Outside of the castle's coveting fray, Gene flies off with an adventurous Amazon in supernatural manifest destiny and Lord Inky explores the dark mysteries which lurk in the realm of the dead!

Castle Spellbound (1992):
Aus dem Klappentext:
There never seems to be a dull moment for the inhabitants and visitors of Castle Perilous. Adventure and folly are contagious when Lord Incarnadine hosts a legion of bizarre guests including a bunch of infuriated Greeks bearing a gift horse, reckless thieves, gladiators and painted ladies. 144,000 doors welcome the most unwelcome of partygoers to the Realms Perilous, where magic and mystery send everyone spinning in hilarious new directions.

Bride Of The Castle (1994):
Aus dem Klappentext:
Gene and Linda's wedding seems to bring out the best in Castle Perilous ... even if that's not much better than the worst. When the happy groom suddenly prefers confronting barbarians over entertaining his wedding guests, a battle ensues that will change his life, infuriate his bride, and make for one bizarre wedding day!




Star Rigger:
Aus dem Klappentext:

Red Limit Freeway, 1984:
Aus dem Klappentext:
Jake McGraw is a man on the run from half the universe. After stumbling upon what seems to be the fabled roadmap to the stars, Jake must outrun the most detestable vermin and roadbugs in the galaxy and the only thing separating him from them is his tattered starrig. In the lawless region of space Jake must keep his rig running if he knows what’s good for him. He has something that everyone wants and they will stop at nothing to get it. But how long can he keep going on the road where there is no relief for light years?

Paradox Alley:
Aus dem Klappentext:

Andere Romane



Living with Aliens, 1995:
Aus dem Klappentext:
What more could a thirteen-year-old want than two best friends who can help him get his first girlfriend? Young Drew finds out when he befriends two aliens, Zorg and Flez, who help him take his new girlfriend on a whimsical first date to Minneapolis, Mars, and Egypt in one night. Everything is perfectly cool for Drew until his encounter with Blog...

Andere Romane

Hier sollen die weiteren Titel nur kurz aufgeführt werden. Ich weiß über deren Inhalt nichts, wenn jemand Erfahrungsberichte hat, so kann er sie im Forum schreiben, ich wäre dafür sehr dankbar.

- Other States of Being , 1999 (erhältlich)
- Witchblade, 2002 (erhältlich)
- Dr. Dimension : Masters of Spacetime (Void Where Prohibited), 1994
- Masterminds of Falkenstein : A Castle Falkenstein Novel, 1996
- From Prussia With Love : A Castle Falkenstein Novel, 1996
- Innerverse, 1994
- Magicnet, 1994
- Crooked House, 1987
- The Kruton Interface, 1993
- MagicNet, 1993
- Living with Aliens, 1995

Short Fiction:
- The Grass of Remembrance, 1984 (im Sammelband "Borderlands 1" und "The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1984")
- Looking Forward: Excerpt from Dr. Dimension, 1993 (im Sammelband "Amazing Stories, May 1993")
- Hitler Clone in Argentina Ploys Falklands Reprise, 1994 (im Sammelband "Alien Pregnant By Elvis")
- The Richmond Enigma, 1995 (im Sammelband "Sherlock Holmes in Orbit")
- Tu Quoque, 1994 (im Sammelband "Superheroes" und "100 Astounding Little Alien Stories")
- Broomworms and Nosewigs, 1996 (im Sammelband "Castle Fantastic")
- The Dark and the Damp, 1996 (im Sammelband "100 Astounding Little Alien Stories")
- O! The Tangled Web, 1996 (im Sammelband "Future Net")
- Planet in the Balance, 1997 (im Sammelband "Free Space")
- The Seepage Factor, 1997 (im Sammelband "First Contact")
- BattleMagicTM for Morons, 1998 (im Sammelband "Battle Magic")

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